One of the major objectives of Get Paper is to create employment opportunities for marginalized women, who are facing economic hardship or are socially disadvantaged with limited skills and education. Every year Get Paper tries its best to create jobs for women and it is a matter of great pride for Get Paper that 90% of its producers are women.

At Get Paper, it is very important that its producers lead a healthy work-life balance. Therefore, Get Paper has been very dedicated to creating a better working environment for them. Attributes such as fair wage, better working conditions, assurance of health care support, children education program, and provision of lunch during the working hours make Get Paper a happy and enjoyable place to work in. Low turnover of the producers attest to this fact!

In 2016 alone Get Paper created working opportunities for 520 marginalized women. Such working opportunities provide income for these women, which relieve them from having to worry about buying food and other necessities for their families. Income generating activities transform the livelihood of the poor as they drastically improve their living condition, housing, nutrition, medical treatment, health, sanitation, and education. These women producers get more empowered and are able to contribute towards sending their own children to school. Women in Nepal generally tend to hold a housewife position and they don’t get an opportunity to generate any form of income. Due to Get Paper’s initiative to employ marginalized women, these producers are able to support their families with steady income, earn respect in their families and in the communities and change the perception of a women’s role in their communities

All most all of the operations at Get Paper are handmade works, which allows creating many jobs for marginalized women with some basic trainings. Get Paper provides appropriate trainings and opportunities to these women so that they could learn and enhance their skills. These women with their
interest and dedication create the products with individual touch.

Mandira KC is working at Get Paper since 18 years. “I am so happy working at Get Paper. I have no formal
education, as my parents could not afford to send me to a school, “ Mandira said. “When I joined Get Paper, I had the opportunity to learn many different skills and improved both my work and my leadership skills. I am now proud to be supervising production. With a steady income that Get Paper provides, I do not have to worry about ensuring that my two children get education. As Get Paper also has a pension plan, I am assured about my future. I want to see the growth of this company so that women like me can lead a happy life and have a smile on their faces like I have got now!!!”