Get Paper has supported

Anita Milan School was built proudly by Get Paper’s fund in the year 2000 in the vicinity of its production facilities in Hattigounda, Kathmandu. This was done so that the children of producers of Get Paper, as well as the ones from the local community, could attend to school. Currently more than 100 children, including children of our producers, attend the Anita Milan school.

Pancha Kanya (Girl’s school) is one of the first schools that Get Paper startedsupporting in 1993. In the beginning, the school only had 3 classrooms, which was being enough for only about 30 children. As Get Paper started to support the school and began promoting girls’ education program, It was able to expand the school’s infrastructure in order to provide education for more people. Get Paper is now proud that the Pancha Kanya school at present has 14 class rooms which educates more than 300 children.

Get Paper has built a school primarily focused on supporting the children of the Stonebreaker community. This support school has become a center for learning for children of the Stonebreaker community in order for them to start getting ready for primary education and to then attend regular schools. Get Paper provides scholarship, stationery, uniforms and health support for children who attend this school.

The devastating earthquake that took place in Nepal in 2015 had an overwhelming effect on the school buildings in many parts of Nepal. Many schools lost their basic infrastructure, including classroom facilities and children were compelled to take their lessons outside and study under the open sky. Get Paper supported a school that was heavily damaged by rebuilding four class rooms that were completely damaged. Theseclassrooms were redesigned with earthquake resistance structure and children were able to go back into the
building and learn in a safe environment.