The Stonebreaker community is one of the most marginalized communities in Nepal. This community got their name from their livelihood, as they reside near river side, collect stones and break it manually using small hammer. They then take their hard earned rubble and supply their products to the construction industry. Most of the workers who provide manual labor are women and this line of work is high intensity with very limited income. Due to the extreme level of poverty that this community faces, even their children are not spared from this manual labor and are engaged in breaking stones to get supplementary income. Instead of going to school, the children of the stonebreaker community stay with their mothers and provide them assistance and miss out on getting an education. Seeing this devastating reality and hoping to bring about change, Get Paper decided to work with the Stonebreaker community and their children as part of the community support program.

Get Paper knows the economic burden the Stonebreaker community faces, which often plays a huge role in the children being deprived of education. Therefore, it supports the children of this community by providing them the basic necessities, such as with scholarship, school uniforms, shoes and stationery items. It is hoped t
hat this will free the families from financial hardship of sending their children to school and feel motivated to send their children to school. Currently Get Paper is supporting 55 children under this program.

Get Paper started their campaign to support Stonebreaker’ children and their right to education since 2004. At first the Stonebreaker community resisted this program, as sending their children to school meant a loss of working hands, thus leading to a loss of additional income. Due to this resistance, Get Paper initially started with an education program that lasted for only 2 hours. However, after continuous perseverance, awareness creation, and arrangements of more scholarships for children; parents were finally ready and happy to send their children to school.