In order to help changing this harsh reality, Get Paper has created a series of initiatives to build awareness on the importance of educating girls and making sure families have the means to educate their daughters. “Send your Daughter to School” campaign is an example of its most effective endeavors. Along with creating awareness, Get paper also provides scholarships to families who have grave financial burdens. Till date, scholarships have reached more than 100 girls in various different communities. For its campaign to be successful, Get Paper also partner with local schools that have joined our efforts in convincingparents to see the benefits of educating a girl. The greatest hope of this campaign is that parents will see the power that their daughter’s have and give them the same opportunities as their sons.

As part of its awareness campaign, Get Paper distributes school bags to children in local community schools that have the message “Send Your Daughter to School” printed at the back in bright letters. Bags such as these are often seen to be a luxurious item, as families often have no means of purchasing their new school bags and children are expected to hand carry their books. Seeing a child walk around with this school bag not only helps to disseminate the powerful message to the communities and parents, but it also brings smile and great happiness to both children and parents for they are able to own an item that is of great value to them.

At Get Paper, it is believed that all children deserve an education, regardless of their gender. We believe thismessage should be tirelessly repeated to communities until every child is attending school and no girl is left behind. With more than 1000 school bags distributed to six schools every year, children themselves are a great advocate of our powerful message of “Send Your Daughter to School”, which they proudly carry on their back.

As a part of supportinggirls’ education, Get Paper organizes “Send Your Daughter to School Campaign” every year before the start of the school session. Rallies are organized, with the support of the schools, to create awareness on the issue of girls receiving fair and equal access to education.

“Send Your Daughter to School” rallies are carried out in the rural areas where girl’s
education is still not being accepted. Get Paper views these rallies as an opportunity for everyone in our community to get involved and support social issues. One of the biggest advocates of this rally are the girls who are heavily engaged in the anti-trafficking programs, as they find great motivation in inspiring the community and helping them understand the importance of supporting girls’ education.

Get Paper has focused on girls’ education as one of the most important pillars of its
community support program. Get Paper provides scholarships to girls to encourage them to go to school because girls are discriminated mostly due to extreme poverty faced by the families. At present, Get Paper provides 302 scholarships. It is really encouraging and gratifying to see these girls exceling once they get an opportunity to go to school.