Green Value has twin objectives: Marketing environmental friendly products and introducing products to the market that carry community and social values in the process of their productions. The vision of Get Paper, which is the parent entity of Green Value is to not just produce the handmade paper products but also create a community and social impact. For this Get Paper organizes a series of community and social programs. Also, Get Paper is the Community Trade Partner of The Body Shop International since 1989. As a long term partner of the Body Shop, Get Paper has developed the framework necessary to meet the product standards of The Body Shop. To generate community and social values, Get Paper organizes its community and social activities into two broad categories:
  • Reaching community
  • Education

Reaching Community

One of the goals of Get Paper is to serve the community and society in which it operates. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with per capita annual income is less than $100. Get Paper is trying to reach the communities through a number of ways and support programs: Employment opportunities for marginalized women Anti-trafficking program Health and Medical Support Fair Trade Guaranteed Products Community Trade Partner of The Body Shop International

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Girls’ Education

Nepal is a poverty stricken country with very deep patriarchal roots. In Nepali societies, girls are still treated like a commodity and unfortunately seen to be less valuable than boys. Girls also tend to get married off at an early age, often leading to parents not wanting to invest in their growth and well-being. Because of this perception, girls are robbed of their basic right to attend school and attain a meaningful education. Instead, they spend their days doing household chores and reading a book is often a distant dream.

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