Paper, it has become an integral part of our life since it’s early years of inception. Whether you use it to wrap a gift for your loved one, write your deepest thoughts in a journal, or to place a nostalgic memorabilia in a beautiful paper box; paper is part of our identity and it expresses who we are as a person. It is with this belief that Get Paper cooperative, the parent entity of Green Value Paper Products, was founded on a few decades ago. At Get Paper, we admire paper products for its innate qualities and it’s overwhelming beauty – with a deep respect for the art, the people, the dedication and the social relationships that it builds between us all.
In 1982, Get Paper was founded with just 7 employees hoping to create, preserve and promote the

traditional art of handmade paper making of Nepal in beautiful valley of Kathmandu. The journey
started with the creation of traditional handmade products using perennial grass lokta, which is grown in high mountainous region of Nepal. However, with time we added further waste materials in the
handmade production such as agriculture waste, cotton rags, waste paper, and recycled paper.
Currently these recycled materials have become the major source of our paper products. At Get
Paper we are not only environmentally conscious, but also socially responsible. We are focused in
creating employment opportunities for women and play a major role in tackling social development issues of Nepal by advocating for girl’s education and producing income generating activities for women. Get Paper, when operated at full capacity, employees as many as 500 staff members, of which 90% are women.

In order to take our products to the US market, we have established a subsidiary of Get Paper in the US: “Green Value Paper Products”. While this may be our first venture in entering the US market as our own entity, Get Paper has had a long and prosperous history of supplying to the overseas market. Since 1989, Get Paper has been a Fair Trade supplier of The Body Shop International (part of the L’Oreal Group) and follows community fair trade guidelines of The Body Shop International. Apart from Body Shop International, we also supply paper to various commercial and social entities such as SERRV (USA), Oxfam (UK), and Three Sisters (Denmark) etc. We are proud to say our papers strictly adhere to the Fair Trade practices recommended by World Fair Trade Organization.

For us, handmade and recycled paper product isn’t just about a product; it is about a remarkable journey that transforms waste materials into exquisite craft products. While we take pride in showcasing the origins of our paper, the raw beauty of the recycled and the waste materials, and the magnificent Himalayas where they have been collected from; what we do with these resources is just as important. For Get Paper, the journey from which we take the recycle/waste material and produce it into handmade paper product goes beyond words on a label. To us, it means having a thoughtful and intentional stewardship at every single level, from collection, to recycling, and finally the craft making process. Our small batch production is truly an art, which involves hundreds of dedicated hands, mainly of women. Our belief is that we are only as successful as our workers and our community; that is why we ensure that the rewards of our efforts trickle down to make a positive impact in Nepal. Our efforts have been validated with rigorous third-party certifications. We received 5th Artisan Recognition Award, 2009 by World Fair Trade Organization. Get Paper is an ISO 9001certified company. Along with the quality standards, it is also an ISO 14001certified company adhering to environmental standards.